Plant and equipment assembling

Our advantage over competitors is gained by complete fulfillment of the obligations.

No matter which problem arises during construction, we make every effort

to meet the agreed deadlines and cost as we are aware that any day of delay results in a lost profit for our customer and discontent of the management.


We fulfill our obligations. Always.

  • We provide personnel for installation under supervision:
    • Production equipment adjusters,
    • Electricians,
    • Welders of manual arc welding,
    • Engineering staff worker;
  • All admissions and permissions;
  • All documentation is adapted to Russian Federation State Standarts;
  • After the permmission of Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia , we commission a project.

Competitive edge:

We install quicker than others

Only permanent members of staff are involved in works. Along with wide experience it allows to reduce considerably terms of installation and to minimize number of mistakes and, as a result, bring the equipment into operation quicker , preventing its breakage.

We perform all complex of works

The scope of works includes a variety of operation, e.g. from rigging works to pipes fitting and control cabinets installation. Having chosen one performer per one object for performance of all works, you won’t have to coordinate work of subcontractors that will considerably increase quality of installation and prevent possible mistakes.

We use modern automated equipment

We have all necessary equipment, including the equipment which competitors don't have. The result is that we involve less staff, saving the budget of our customer, reduce terms of installation and minimize influence of a human factor.

Extensive knowledge 

We have a 12-year experience of installation of any equipment. We perform all works according to regulations and standards. If necessary we give advisory support to customers and help with execution of as-built documentation for supervisory authorities.

Our company’s portfolio includes the installed equipment at more than 40 major plants in various industries such as food, confectionery, woodworking, chemical, cement, oil-extraction industry and many others.

Although the plants are not built every day, over 90% of our orders are repeated ones.

Since 2017 we have been working at the territory of Republic of Belarus.




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Customer manager Natalia Vinogradova