Partners about us


Tomasso Tori Area Sales Manager. Andreotti Impianti S.p.A.



Bertan Madaleno Project manager. FEGE



Teuvo Holopainen Project manager and Account manager. Raute Finland



Dominique Lordinua Startup Engineer. Desmet Ballestra Group




We were pleased with both quick and high-quality installation and enjoyable teamwork. In spite of the fact that “Reszoff” company executed installation of induction furnaces for the first time they coped with this task better than many other organizations that we had to deal with before. The company plans to continue cooperation with “Reszoff” company for implementation of different projects on installation.

William Henrich,Assembling manager, ABP Induction systems GmbH

We've been working with “Reszoff” company for three years while the plant was being built and run. This company participated in mounting almost all the equipment available at the plant.

In collaboration with Austrian and German suppliers of process equipment for the production of wood chipboard “Reszoff” company approved itself a highly qualified team. The level of services provided by “Reszoff” company has reached the European level.

Peter Paul Veysmayr, Technical Director,LLC “Egger Drevproduct”

“Reszoff” company was responsible for the climate inside the shopping center “Topol” and installed ventilation systems, air conditioning and smoke removal. It's the only Russian company at the facility, which carried out all work with the European approach, not only qualitatively in terms of execution of the work, but with a clear organization and interaction with other competent contractors.

Jerzy Kavchinski, Head of the contractMostostal-Export A.O.

In the process of collaboration, "Reszoff" proved itself as a reliable and responsible partner. Activities carried out by LLC "Reszoff" are always distinguished by a high level of organization and planning. The company has engineering staff and the necessary modern working equipment available.

Kolomichev M. P., Technical Director of JSC "Russian Paints"