General contract

Reztsoff is the prime contractor that properly controls the project execution. We take responsibility for building at all milestones and pay specific attention to quality of works, technologies and materials.

Principles of work:

  • responsible work with documents

  • strict observance to deadlines

  • accurate execution of requests and demands of our client

  • effective utilization of resources

  • thorough control and inspection of every milestone

Our responsibility:

  • environmental responsibility

  • fire protection during work execution

  • meeting of HSEA

 Under the prime contract the following tasks are completed:

1. Document preparation for the construction start

2. Scheduling including a list of designated employees and scope of works

3. Organization of the building area and work onsite

4. Construction and assembly work execution

5. Coordination of subcontractors’ work

6. Purchase, delivery and storage of required materials

7. Prevention of industrial accidents

8. Organization of facility commissioning

 Our gathered experience enables quick building as follows: 

  • 4,5 months – the section of deodorization and adsorption refining of fats and oils, capacity 500 tons/day
  • 11 months - the Balakovo oil-extraction plant , capacity 1800 tons/day
  • 15 months – the Sodrouzhestvo-Soya plant, capacity 5000 tons/day

The Reztsoff’s general contract means the efficient management, full responsibility for the quality and due date of the project completion.

We have the long-term partnership with our grateful clients.

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